Caren Williams offers over 30 years of experience in the land development business from site selection to completed project. She brings Quality, Experience, Reputation and Professionalism to each and every client she works for.  Let her help you find the land you are looking for.

Location of Development Land and Commercial Sites



All developers have certain criteria for the land development project they want.  Ms. Williams understands the land development process inside and out. She knows exactly what entitlements are and at what level they are completed.  She can very quickly assist you in finding the land you are seeking.  Unlike many realtors and land brokers, she understands that projects must have a few basic qualities in order to even warrant a letter of intent.  Ms. Williams will seek out the sites that have these basic requirements before she shows you the site.

Due Diligence and Feasibility



Ms. Williams has been through numerous due diligence and feasibility periods to acquire raw land or a partially entitled site.  She can assist you in preparing requests for proposals from civil engineers, biologists, archaeologists, paleontologists, Phase I Site assessment consultants, surveyors, land planners, landscape architects, architects, geotechnical engineers, traffic engineers, financial consultants, attorneys and a host of other consultants. After receiving the proposals she can organize the proposals in a format that will help you easily choose the consultants for your due diligence period.  With her experience, she can assist you in preparing a real time schedule for getting your due diligence completed in a timely manner within your contractual obligations.

Project Management


MS Project photo Services

Ms. Williams can offer your firm complete project management services to oversee the consultants working on your due diligence through final plat recordation.  Caren has a wealth of experience in project entitlements whether it is with a city, county, state or federal agency.  She has wide experience as a facilitator dealing with several state environmental agencies as well as the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Army Corps of Engineers.  Her specialty for many years is getting very environmentally challenged projects approved and built.  With over 27 different master planned communities covering 12,000+ single family lots on 6, 250 acres and 30 commercial sites, she can give you project management experience surpassed by few.

Residential Lot Sales



Ms. Williams knows how to sell lots to merchant builders.  Involved in the sales of 4,000 lots in innumerable deals totaling gross lot prices in excess of $331 million, Ms. Williams understands the process of marketing finished lots, negotiating finished lots costs to complete and closing the deal.

Commercial Site Sales





Ms. Williams has been involved in the acquisition or sales of 30 shopping centers and retail sites from small 5 acre parcels to large 50 acre big box sites.  These sales are particularly tricky given the approval process of site planning thru architectural design approval.  With many deals contingent upon site plan approval, her vast entitlements experience gives her an edge to understand exactly what  the process will entail in getting the deal closed.